Why do NRIs search for the best deal while sending money online?

NRIs need to send money to India online quite frequently. Sometimes, there are dependent parents in the native place, and sometimes there are financial exigencies. Some people invest in properties in India, and they are required to pay EMIs. At one side, they are worried about the exchange rates and commissions because it affects the profitability. On the other side, they are equally concerned about the security of the transaction. Everyone wants the money transfer to be fast, accurate and without hassles. With the development of technology, there are multiple ways of doing the money transfer. Each method has positive and negative factors. One should look at these factors before choosing a service.
Money transfer to India is a big business
Yes, it is a million dollar business. You search with the relevant keywords on the search engine, and there are hundreds and thousands of websites that offer money exchange services. Some of them are reasonably priced and cost-effective, and some are exorbitant. You should look for the maximum value while you send money to India. While service providers earn commission for money transfer, fluctuations in the international currency rates also add up to their profits.
The hidden cost of exchange rate forces NRIs to search for a good deal
The exchange rate is nothing but the conversion rate of your currency to the destination currency. Since the rates are not fixed, you should pick the correct time to send money. Other than the exchange rate, service providers also earn a profit by the gap between the buy rate and the sell rate. It is called “spread” in the technical language. Remember, it is at the discretion of the service provider how much spread should be charged. When they charge heavy transaction fees, the spread is levied. When they charge low transaction fees, there are hidden costs in the form of “spread”. It is the reason, NRIs look for the best ways to transfer money to India where both transaction fees and spread is marginal.
Other factors are also important
Well, the easiest way to transfer money to India should not be the slowest one. Money transfer should happen as fast as possible. The transaction should traverse through safe and secure links that can’t be hacked by malicious people. NRIs check all these aspects carefully before clicking the “Transfer Funds” button. After all, money matters!

Top worries while remitting money to India

Today, online money transfer to India from USA is a necessity, and not a luxury. As there are millions of Indians in the US earning billions of dollars every year, they want quick and safe means of sending money to their home. Though you have hundreds of options, people have several worries about the safety and reliability of the same. Since it is hard-earned money, nobody can afford to lose even a single penny. Here are the top-most worries that haunt people while transferring money to India from US:
  1. Is the money transfer service safe? What is the guarantee that there is no data theft? : If you use a money transfer service that uses 128-bit data security encryption, then there is no need to doubt about it. It ensures that the data transfer between your computer (and another handheld device) and the remittance server remains secure and private. Even if someone is able to look at the data stream, nothing can be interpreted by it. Since the servers are kept behind a firewall, in this case, unauthorized access is impossible. There are audit and security policies to check intrusions and evaluate threat periodically. Hence, it is possible to send money to India online without worries.
  2. Is the money transferred using reliable banks? : When you select a service provider that works with only major banks, then there is a guarantee that you are using one of the best ways to transfer money to India. Check whether the remittance company has trusted banking partners like Citibank, HSBC, Interbank, Metrobank, etc. Also, the third-party organizations should also be verified by renowned standardization companies, e.g. VeriSign. It shows that the remittance company has a certificate for data safety.
  3. What is the guarantee that my account will not be used in an unauthorized manner? : When a reputed remittance partner is hired to send money online to India, it is guaranteed that it will not be misused. A thorough investigation is carried out before clearing the account. Also, there is 100 percent coverage and reimbursement in case of remote chance of misuse.
When you want to transfer money to India from USA in the best way, the new-age online remittance companies are unbeatable. They protect the interests of their clients and make sure that not a single transaction goes haywire. Since they are regulated by the Federal Government, interests of every customer is secured.

Money remittance becomes a matter of clicks due to technical advancement



Fund transfer to India no longer remains an issue in the recent years. Due to great technical advancement, it has just become a matter of few clicks. Gone are the days when people stood in queues and waited for few days or weeks to see the money in the bank account. There were heavy transaction fees and commissions too. But now, money remittance India is a fast and economic affair with several remittance companies emerging in this space. Because of fierce competition, they offer money transfer with nominal charges.
It is a big money game
You will be amazed at the magnitude of money transfer to India fromUS. According to estimates, more than 75 Billion Dollars were remitted in 2014. This figure is going to increase at least 25 percent this year. Few people expect further rise because of the devaluation of Chinese currency and weakening of Indian Rupee. Since, Non-Resident Indians have more money in their kitty due to devaluation, they are expected to transfer it to India. Money transfer to India is more than the combined volume of some countries.
People search for the easiest way to transfer money to India
Nowadays, everyone wants easy and quick ways of transferring money. People constantly compare several choices to find out the most economical option. Here are some of the popular ways of transferring money:
  • Online transfer, the fastest method: If you want to transfer money in the fastest manner, nothing is better than online transfer. Money gets transferred in minutes using this method. Online transfer agencies follow high levels of security norms to make the transaction safe and secure.
  • Wire transfer is also quite effective: You are supposed to go to the remittance agency when there is a need for money transfer. However, it is not a fast and instant medium. It sometimes takes a few days to get the amount credited.
  • Pay Pal is reliable: Though it is a reliable and widely trusted medium, there are charges for withdrawing money. It is free for the sender, though. PayPal has become popular in the recent years because people use internet quite frequently nowadays. Therefore, they find it incredibly useful and easy.
It depends on the personal preference and choice what method suits you. Each method has their own pros and cons. People can pick from all of these best ways to transfer money to India considering their preference.

Did you know the best way to transfer Money to India?

We often come across hurdles when It comes to sending money to our loved ones from abroad. Visit and revisit banks for updates and confirmations and yet get delayed results. Here is where we look for some help to make our transfers easier and quicker. But that’s not the only problem! At times, the value for our money is not retained as we do not get the best possible exchange rates. With RemitLite, you can get the best exchange rate along with hassle free and quick services says our very client Ms. Falguni Shah a single mother, who stays in USA and has a daughter studying in India. “RemitLite has made it easy for us to narrow the gap between us and we have figured out the problems we were facing back then, when I did not know about RemitLite! Their services are very convincing so also is the exchange rate that they offer in comparison to other portals. I will surely recommend Remitlite to one and all – one of the best ways to transfer money to India

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Money Transfer – Just a Click away!

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Still Worried About Your Money Transfer?

“For the past two years I have been living in USA. Of all the challenges that I faced while living as an NRI, the biggest hurdle for me was transferring money to my family in India. I noticed while transferring money through banks, they were earning their own share of profits and also the exchange rates were not satisfactory, then once while surfing I came across a service provider, RemitLite. They not only provided excellent exchange rates but also the complexities of transferring had become easy and with more security “- Sweekar Sharma

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Just like Sweekar and Pratik, RemitLite has helped many people who are looking out for safe and easy ways for transferring money to India from US with competitive exchange rates. Along with these features RemitLite also offers an Online Exchange Rate Calculator where you can calculate the amount that will be transferred to your account.

Too many formalities are other things that one may consider while transferring money. Well at RemitLite we believe in less formalities and better service and also we provide the easiest way to transfer money to India. Our Customer Support is always there to help you and you can easily get in touch with us by sending us an email to our service centre. So take your decisions wisely and worry about the other important things in life rather than worrying about your money transfer. Send money online to India in a hassle free and best possible way through RemitLite.

Why RemitLite???

Nearly a decade ago the main problem faced by the Indians residing in USA was transfer of money to India. But now the scenario has changed, transferring money is no more a stressful task. With changing times many modes of money transfer has been introduced. Online money transfer has gained a lot of momentum in past couple of years since it is quick and convenient. But in this case also there is a lot of confusion regarding the selection of right service provider who provides good exchange rates along with great service.

RemitLite is one of the best online money transfer service and some of the reason for selecting RemitLite are as follows:

  • Best Exchange Rates – We know the value of your hard earned money and therefore RemitLite consecutively have been offering the best exchange rates as compared to others and will continue to do so.
  •   Minimum transfer fees – RemitLite charges a very low amount as the transfer fee as compared to others and therefore you end up saving more of your money.
  •  Safe & Secure transfer – Your money is safe with us. All your transactions and data exchanges are secured with SSL encryption. So sit back, relax and leave all your worries to RemitLite.

So now transfer money to India without any hesitation through RemitLite and keep enjoying the excellent exchange rates along with great service.