Only the most transparent remittance operator is trusted by clients
Remittance operators that offer online money transfer to India from USA expect a great surge in the business in the coming years. There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of transactions both volume wise and value wise in the recent years. Financial experts say that the future of remittance industry is bright, but with a few riders.
It goes without saying that offering competitive rates for remittanceto India is a distinguishing aspect. According to the latest convention of remittance operators held in Switzerland in 2015, transparency will be the only way forward. As the technology becomes easily available to everyone, it doesn’t remain a game changer.
What is the meaning of transparency in this business?
Well, the term transparency is quite ambiguous, and it can be interpreted in several ways. What do the experts mean about money transfer business? As per business stalwarts, it means that the customer has to be well-informed about everything which is relevant for him, e.g. fees and charges applicable, details of service, money transfer rate, transaction time, and exchange rate margin.
Initially, it might be a daunting task for remittance operators because they do not have a system established to transfer money to India. However, it will become a routine thing after a few years as everyone will follow the same path.
It has been observed that in spite of stringent regulations, still there is a big gap between the actual cost of money remittance and what customers perceive. They get a surprise at the end of the transaction when the payout is less than expected. Business leaders feel that it is not the right way of doing business. Hence, transparency is more than required.
Remittance costs are declining every year
Statistics proves that the cost of remitting money is declining gradually. However, it doesn’t bring the profitability down as the number of transactions shows an increasing trend. The economy of scale governs the sector. New age technology and innovative techniques simplify the procedure, and more people find it practical to remit to India.
The use and popularity of the Internet increases worldwide and penetration of handheld devices makes the remittance fast and convenient. How to send money to India is not a daunting question now.
Experts say that user education is still a big challenge. People don’t know about several charges while initiating money transfer and often receive a “bill shock”. Use of intricate financial jargon confuses them sometimes. All these issues will have to be eradicated by making the process fully transparent. It will be the only success mantra!

A few important tips for those who send money to India frequently

A lot of NRI or Indians visiting the USA on business or official visits transfer money to India using the Internet. With the advancement in technology, it becomes quite simple and safe to do the same. There are plenty of service providers that claim competitive rates and world-class service. Though a majority of them look identical regarding services and features, there are a few important aspects that differentiate a high-class operator to a mediocre one. Experts say that it is not always correct to look at a company that s quick and inexpensive. Rather, safety and security should be the paramount criteria.
How to determine the best service provider?
In the vast market of online service providers who claim to be the smartest and most profitable money exchange facilitators, it is a marathon task to find out the real and genuine one. According to Foreign Exchange geeks, a company that has superior customer management tools and support system should be preferred. Instant money transfer is another critical aspect. The delay should be the least, and so are the margins. Always compare two or three options before deciding. Sometimes, the charges prima facie are compatible but there is a big difference in the service charges. Hence, a proper comparison is necessary.
Mind the exchange rate
Well, you do not bother about the exchange rate when the money transfer is required urgently. However, a well-planned money transfer can be done with thorough analysis and comparison. Do it when the exchange rate is the highest. Don’t believe on speculations but always follow a right advice from a valid service provider. Remember, there is no trend or rationale behind the Dollar-to-Rupee rates. There are hundreds of factors that affect it, and none of them are controllable. Hence, just perform the exchange when the rate touches the peak of the day.
Safety is the foremost aspect
Always pick an operator that is swift, safe, and reliable. Always look at the feedback and reviews so that you don’t select an incorrect one. Certainly you want the money to arrive fast, but at the same time you want it to arrive safely as well. Good quality providers are always dependable. Even if sometimes the rates are high, you should choose a well-known exchange house.
With the improvement in the speed of connectivity, it is quite easy to send and receive money from India to the USA and vice-versa. A little precaution makes it quite safe and easy.

Why online is the best way to transfer money to India from the USA?

The modern era is called the era of telecommunication, and there is no exaggeration in it. We make use of the Internet in almost every aspect of our life, including financial transactions. Online money transfer across the countries is one of the most useful applications of the Internet.
Availability of safe and secure Internet connections makes it possible to Send Money Online without fear. It makes money transfer almost instant and easy irrespective of the distance and time zone. According to estimates, thousands of transactions take place on the daily basis where people from the USA and other countries send money to India. As the exchange of money between India and the USA increase manifold because of outsourcing, there is a need for highly efficient and reliable service providers.
What makes the best way for international money transfer?
Well, other that speed and convenience which are the most obvious benefits, several other good things that make online remittance lucrative.
  • It is possible to send money directly to the receiver’s account: Online transfer makes the transaction directly to the bank account of the receiver. It removes the need for a mediating agency. Not only it reduces the cost, but also saves from the risk of exposing confidential monetary transactions to a third-party.
  • It makes audit compliance and tax calculation simple: Since online transfer takes place in the account directly, statutory reporting and auditing become hassle-free. Since tax and other service charges get deducted at source, there are no audit observations.
  • Good service providers offer stringent quality checks: When people use a reliable service provider, it is the best way to transfer money to India from the US. A seasoned operator validates the transaction before approving. Hence, there is a negligible probability of fraud.
  • It supports all varieties of money transfer: Individuals and businesses can send or receive money internationally using the online method. Thus, it is a versatile and flexible mode of money exchange.
With further advancement in the technology, online money transfer will become further simple and fast. Compatibility with handheld devices adds another dimension to it. Certainly, it will become the prime mode of money exchange between India and rest of the world. Multiple currency exchanges will make it possible to send money in more than one currency. Experts say that with further advancement in technology, reliance on other alternate solutions will drop significantly.
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Tips to Transfer Money to India from USA

Money transfer takes a lot of time if you use the traditional methods of cheques. It could take 30 days or more to get the money deposited in India. Normal wire transfer is error prone. The common modes of transferring money to India from US include bank drafts and cheques. You need to choose the best and safe mode to transfer your money to India. Selecting the trusted online money transfer services is also important.

When you transfer money to India from USA, the best way is through power transfer and e-transfer modes. It is the fastest and easiest way to deposit the money safely into the state-run banks like State Bank of India and private banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank. You need to select the trusted foreign banks carefully to send money online. It is necessary to read the reviews and ask the friends and colleagues before entrusting the money transfer to a particular bank from US.

How to make online money transfer

RBI has set some guidelines and rules for Online Money Transfer to India from USA. In some instances, the online money transfer is restricted for personal remittance. If you are looking to send money to your loved ones bank account for investment, buying a property, paying tax, or other needs, selects the best transfer services at the current exchange rate and for lower transaction fee.

If your loved one is in urgent need for funds to pay tuition fees, the best option to send the money to India is through NEFT. It is the safe online money transfer and usually takes 24 hours to 96 hours. You can approach the connecting bank for direct transfer to the bank account in India.

ACH Transfer Mode and PayPal

You can also opt for ACH transfer to India. It takes up to 4 working days to get the funds credited to the bank account. It will not charge any extra fee to send money to your relatives in India.

You can also send money using PayPal mode. The sender need not pay for online money transfer here. However, PayPal charges the recipient at 3.9% for each transaction.

Fee for Online Funds Transfer

If you want to send $1000 to India from the U.S., the bank collects $1005 that includes a fee of $5. An amount of INR 63,000 gets deposited into your loved one’s bank account in India. You can transfer the minimum amount of $1000 to India. The exchange rates are updated between seven and 9 AM every day morning on SBI California website. If you transfer money after this time, you will take the day exchange rate.

The Mode Of Money Transfer To India – Cost And Its Comparison

Every year, millions of dollars are recorded as remittance worldwide. With the benefit of technology, there are plenty of ways to send money home. With so many options available, it is very important to make the right option to avoid an extra fee to transfer money. There are some basic factors to be considered while transferring money. This way you can use the optimal method to transfer money to anywhere in the world.

Mode of transfer

The aspects to consider while choosing a money transfer mode are;

Location of the receiver and the sender

Availability of the technology and awareness levels of the same

Affordability and time availability

Taking the above consideration, one can select a medium that suits them well. A simple process of sending cash is through money transfer, its the oldest methods of money transfer. The receiver will get the money by the transferrer or can collect it directly. The next option is bank transfer where money can be transferred easily to the recipient’s bank account. Today, many leading international banks are tied up with money transferrers. The easiest way to transfer money in just a click away is through online. Many websites have the facility to transfer money to their credit/debit or bank account payout. Send money to India without any difficulty by the means of technology

2. Cost of transfer

The cost of transfer totally depends on exchange rates, the commission charges levied, mode of transfer etc. And they will vary depending on other value added services and on the service provider’s network. Simply put, at the end of a transaction, calculating the money the recipient receives which will give an idea of the transaction cost. While getting a particular type of money transfer to India, one should be well informed about the exchange rate and the fees.

3. Comparison

Before transferring money, it is always good to weigh the options available. You can understand the pattern easily by comparing the exchange rates. While one service provider might have state – of – the art technology, another might boast of having a wide network to transfer money to India. Hence, choosing accordingly and understanding your need is very crucial.

Always remember to ask for a receipt for a record of the transaction at the end. This will act as a reference and authenticate for future purposes.

RemitLite: Best Service for US to India Money Transfer

Thanks to technology, the world today has an easy access to every country in the world. Important transactions are carried out on a daily basis across the world. The online world has become more connected. People prefer to carry out transactions like transferring money online.  This is because online transfer of money is quick. In today’s fast paced life, people do not have the time to wait for a long time to receive their money. Money needs to get transferred immediately. But technology also has a flip side to it. While important things get done quickly, there are very less people who are trustworthy in the online business. When you transfer money, you want the money to be transferred safety and immediately. You don’t want your money to be in the hands of someone you don’t trust.

With globalization, people from India have settled across the US. Online money transfer to India has become easier. There is need to transfer money to India on an everyday basis. This can be for various reasons like business, personal or even in an emergency. Due to this, the money transfer service needs to be secure and trustworthy. The money should be transferred safely across the sea is the main priority of a person. There are plenty of options that are available today for the transfer of money online. But among these services there are lot which are not up to the mark. The online transfer services should be easy to process, reliable and extremely secure. The service should keep a track of the money transfer to update the sender on when it is to be deposited into the receiver’s account.

A service giving a good exchange rate is also an added advantage. RemitLite is such a service which fulfils all the above important things. It is a trustworthy and reliable service for transferring money from US to India and vice-versa. Sending money to India from US has become more easy and efficient. RemitLite offers the best exchange rates in the market. The service is quick and completely safe. Visit

Money Transfer Made Convenient!

Many Indian residents have migrated to India for purposes of Business or studies and have their families in India. To send money to India wasn’t an easy task earlier. Problems in transfer of money, complaints of theft, calamities, problems of late delivery and many other dangers of exchanging money through post. Such services have been improved due to enhancement of internet and online services. Today we have money transfer services online which not only transfer money from abroad to India but also offer a very good exchange rate at the same time. This has happened due to the highly improved technology that has emerged in the 21st century. At present there are many money transfer services that are available but we need to choose the best way to transfer money to India from USA.
RemitLite is one such money transfer service that provides money transfer with an exchange rate and it is the best way to transfer money to India from US. It offers the best exchange rates to their customers unlike any other online money transfer portal. RemitLite is not only trustworthy and reliable but also speedy and convenient. RemitLite keeps you updated with the rates that they are providing. Along with the updates of the rates that they will be providing, you also get updated with money transfer details and will be well informed in case of delays that may have occurred due to certain reasons. To hear this from a Remitlite Customer that has been using its services for past 6 months, “I am a single mother and I have my daughter studying in India since last few months. With time the gap grew but the money exchange services by RemitLite have now narrowed the gap. Now I can send money to her during her emergency without worrying about its security in transfer.” Such services make life easy and make transactions hassle free. Online transfers have revolutionized the way money can be sent from one person to another.
So now we know that RemitLite is one of the best services that can be used for online money transfer to India from USA conveniently without worrying about the exchange rates. You now don’t have to compromise on your need for money on immediate basis from the people living abroad. What are you waiting for? Your money transfer is just a click away!