The business of sending money across borders achieves great heights

Technology has changed the face of banking completely and we have the bestways to transfer money to India in the form of electronic remittance. It is fast, smart and highly safe. Not only big banks but even small local banks also offer the facility to their customers. The virtual version of money transfer let the banks sweep out and sweep in huge loads of money without handling a single currency note. Looking at the volumes of money transfer to India, it is the need of the day to find out effective and fast methods of transferring money.

In the world of electronic money transfer, the sun never sets. When the night falls in India, millions of rupees get transferred from the brighter side of the globe.
No need to go to the agent when online transfer is possible
When people want to “wire” money today, they do not need to step out of the house. Just login to an agency offering online money remittance to India and click “Transfer” button and the work is done. As more and more people use Internet and online facilities nowadays, going to an agent’s office becomes an outdated practice. Cross-border remittance conquers newer heights every year. Statistics says that the major chunk of it has been contributed by transactions of small amount, but the enormous volume makes the overall turnover huge. The major contributor is transferring money to India fromUS. As the number of people working abroad swells, the figure is expected to reach the rooftop. Unofficial estimates say that it will show an annual increase of 8 percent or more. The figures are certainly encouraging, and private agencies are ready to reap the maximum benefit from it.
Banks are reluctant to use the opportunity because they have other priorities
Since most of the banks don’t see money remittance as a lucrative business area, private remittance agents have a gala time. They offer more alluring services to the customers so that the largest share of the cake can be consumed. They offer the easiest way to transfer money to India and treat customers with utmost care. No wonder, people also give them preference. The flourishing market opens exciting opportunities for small and medium players. They can grab more customers by adding further services to the menu card.

Money Transfer Service Scheme, the amazingly simple way of money remittance to India

If you talk about easy and convenient ways of online money transferto India, the MTSS or Money Transfer Service Scheme is amongst the easy and convenient options. It allows inward remittance of money from abroad to India for family maintenance. The facility can also be availed by tourists traveling to India. They can transfer money to India using the MTS facility. No outward remittance is possible using MTSS service.
This is a joint venture of Moneygram International, WUFS (Western Union Financial Services), and Department of Posts.
What is the process?
The process of sending money online to India using MTSS is quite simple and straightforward.
  • The remitter goes to a MoneyGram location or Western Union money transfer outlet in any of the countries where the service is operational. He fills in the form and pays the money and additional charges applicable. A unique MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is generated by the system which acts as the Reference Number
  • The remitter calls up the payee and informs about the deposit. The Payee (receiver) goes to the Post Office, fills in a form and shows identification document. He shares the MTCN to the officer. The code is verified from the transaction record. Once the validation is done, money is delivered
  • It is one of the fastest ways to transfer money to India that doesn’t take more than ten minutes
  • Payee gets the amount in Indian currency. As per the rules, remittance of up to 2500 USD is allowed in one transaction. It is a guideline issued by the Reserve Bank of India that can’t be overruled
  • As per the rules, up to 50,000 INR can be paid in cash. Any amount above can be deposited in the account directly, or a cheque is issued in the name of the beneficiary
In spite of the limitation of maximum 30 transactions annually, it is one of the best ways of doing money remittance to India. More people get benefited by it every year.

Did you know the best way to transfer Money to India?

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Money Transfer – Just a Click away!

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