Wire Transfer Basics

As the name suggests, Wire transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer. In the early 19th century, wire transfers were made over the telegraph lines. It gets its name from the same place because telegraphs were transmitted through wires.
Wiring money is the best and the easiest way to transfer money. These transfers usually are done in real-time but sometimes may take upto 24 hours. Often wire transfer between banks is the cheapest mode of funds transfer. Such transfers are the safest way to make a remittance because the money is flowing within the banks and it does not move out to any third party, so here the chance of losing your money are nil. When we say money flows within the banks, it means that the money is debited directly from the sender’s bank account and is credited directly to the receiver’s bank account, so here no third party is involved at all for the occurrence of a fraud.

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Now no more worrying about Money Transfer

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