The Mode Of Money Transfer To India – Cost And Its Comparison

Every year, millions of dollars are recorded as remittance worldwide. With the benefit of technology, there are plenty of ways to send money home. With so many options available, it is very important to make the right option to avoid an extra fee to transfer money. There are some basic factors to be considered while transferring money. This way you can use the optimal method to transfer money to anywhere in the world.

Mode of transfer

The aspects to consider while choosing a money transfer mode are;

Location of the receiver and the sender

Availability of the technology and awareness levels of the same

Affordability and time availability

Taking the above consideration, one can select a medium that suits them well. A simple process of sending cash is through money transfer, its the oldest methods of money transfer. The receiver will get the money by the transferrer or can collect it directly. The next option is bank transfer where money can be transferred easily to the recipient’s bank account. Today, many leading international banks are tied up with money transferrers. The easiest way to transfer money in just a click away is through online. Many websites have the facility to transfer money to their credit/debit or bank account payout. Send money to India without any difficulty by the means of technology

2. Cost of transfer

The cost of transfer totally depends on exchange rates, the commission charges levied, mode of transfer etc. And they will vary depending on other value added services and on the service provider’s network. Simply put, at the end of a transaction, calculating the money the recipient receives which will give an idea of the transaction cost. While getting a particular type of money transfer to India, one should be well informed about the exchange rate and the fees.

3. Comparison

Before transferring money, it is always good to weigh the options available. You can understand the pattern easily by comparing the exchange rates. While one service provider might have state – of – the art technology, another might boast of having a wide network to transfer money to India. Hence, choosing accordingly and understanding your need is very crucial.

Always remember to ask for a receipt for a record of the transaction at the end. This will act as a reference and authenticate for future purposes.


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